Down and Dirty With Mom

December 2nd, 2018 -by- Admin

I remember when I was a teen learning that women don’t peak sexually until their thirties. At the time I was a raging ball of hormones, and 30 seemed ancient. It wasn’t until I kept getting turned down by girls my age that I started to consider broadening my horizons and putting my newly discovered knowledge to the test.

I had a key to my best friend’s house to help out with their pets when they were on vacation. His mom was single and had no men in her life that I knew of. I decided to snoop through her room and found tons of sex toys tucked away in her inconspicuous dresser drawer. I wrapped a pair of her panties around the base of my cock while I let her silver bullet vibrate against my lips and I laid in her bed and stroked my way to the best orgasm of my life.

Well, the best orgasm up to that point. When they returned from vacation was when the real fun began. It’s also the point when I decided MILFs were the way to go, and I have never looked back. Use this lifetime discount to Moms Passions to see hot MILFs fuck the way that only they can!

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