How to Fuck a Milf Like a Winner

May 29th, 2017

How to Fuck a MILF Like a Winner

A lot of guys have been trying to figure out how to fuck a MILF for a long time. After all, the whole concept of MILF sex is not exactly new, just look at The whole idea of having sex with a woman that is the same age as your mom is actually quite old.

A lot of classical psychologists like Sigmund Freud said that a lot of guys suffer from this particular obsession. This has a lot to do, according to that tradition of psychology, which has actually been debunked and discredited for quite some time now, is part of humanity’s need to prove itself. Just as a man needs to step out of the shadow of his father by killing him, symbolically and figuratively, the same applies to establishing himself by having sex with his mom.

So as you can probably already tell, there’s a lot wrong with this theory. But the whole point is, this obsession or this idea of having sex with older women and finding older women as bonafide and genuine sex objects, is nothing new.

So if you are serious about figuring out how to fuck a MILF, it really all boils down to self confidence. As the old saying goes, if you believe, you will achieve. There is nothing more frustrating than going up to a three point line in basketball and taking a shot, believing that the ball is not going to go in. You essentially just sabotaged yourself. You just shut yourself in the foot and there’s really no way you are going to hit the rim on a consistent basis.

Make no mistake about it, you would be able to make the shot from time to time, but that’s not the issue. The issue is consistency. The same applies to figuring out how to fuck a MILF. If you just wanted to get lucky from time to time, you don’t need to listen to me. You don’t need to read this. You’re probably doing fine on your own.

Now, if you’re looking for consistency, it all boils down to belief. You have to believe that you are able to do it and, most importantly, that you’re able to do it like clockwork. Once you start believing in yourself, you start acting differently. Once you start acting differently, you change your world. That’s how it works.

So start with belief. Don’t think that it’s irrational. Don’t think that it’s impossible. Just believe and allow yourself to believe enough that you actually change your behavior.