Please Bang My Wife!

May 11th, 2012


When most people hear, "Take my wife – please," they usually think of Jack Benny. I don’t know why… He was the comic that loved to bag on Rancho Cucamonga, CA because it had such an odd sounding name.

In reality it was another comic by the name of Henny Youngman that coined the phrase, "Take my wife – Please!" Both enjoyed playing the violin between delivering their comedic phrases so perhaps that is where the confusion arises?

The folks at All Reality Pass have taken things a step further with their site Please Bang My Wife. A cuckold themed site where guys stand by in the wings while their wives take thick cock up their snatch, ass and end the show with a quality money shot to the chin and chest!

Please Bang My Wife is MILF porn on steroids for those folks tired and bored with the same old dry dog food. Not to give 50 Shades of Gray too much credit, but I think this is shade 42 or so.