MILF Cam Model Puts On Her Wedding Night Lingerie For You!

October 29th, 2013


Talk about being a true kink. This sensual MILF cam model decided to make use of her old wedding night lingerie by dressing up in it for you on her mommy webcams!

KissMeKinky suppressed all of her wanton desires for the sake of her marriage. Now she is wondering why. Her ex-hubby left her with two kids to put through college and a house payment. To make ends meet she has been raiding a side of her closet she hasn’t seen in years. As it turns out that babydoll she donned to consummate her marriage still fits her to this day.

What her kinky MILF cam shows as she lets the tigers roam free. Everything she ever masturbated about for the last two decades is coming true online. Is she bitter about the split? Hell no! She is having way too much fun to be mad at her ex-husband. She sends thank you notes written on the backside of her banking statements.

Help a mother out by enjoying her wanton ways. Who knows, after her daughter graduates college and kind find a job we might be seeing a mother-daughter combo!