Oh What Long Tongue You Have!

August 20th, 2018 -by- Admin

“It’s to better eat you out with”, said grandma and ate all of Red Riding Hood’s pussy ’till she came buckets.

I can’t find anything more than amusement in this genre really. It’s not a turn on, nor is it a turn off, it’s more like a bad joke. While most guys are turned on by watching two hot chicks getting stuck into one another it is like chalk and cheese the instant one of the chicks does an involuntary impersonation of a raisin and has enough extra skin to house another human being.

You need to be a special kind of fucked up to enjoy this kind of shit but before you think I’m too judgmental you might find that some of the stuff that turns me on is just as peculiar, in fact I almost guarantee it as I most certainly have some kink streaks in me. They just don’t include grannies.

Different strokes for different folks though and if this is your thing then don’t let me put you off because you canĀ get a discount to Old Young Lesbian Love here.

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